Concrete mixing plant rust situation to how to deal with it  For machinery, especially like outdoor work machinery, coupled with the working environment, will inevitably avoid the rust problem, such as concrete mixing plant. I continue to introduce to you here about the concrete mixing plant
2023/11/07 14:37
Features of JS double horizontal shaft concrete mixer1. Compact structure: JS double horizontal shaft concrete mixer adopts vertical structure, covers a small area and has a compact structure.2. Uniform mixing: The equipment adopts double horizontal shaft design, which can mix various concrete
2023/10/31 14:25
Classification of cement siloCement silo can be divided into many types according to different classification standards, the following are common cement silo classification:Classified according to the form of structure:Silo: cement silo of cylindrical structure, commonly used for larger storage
2023/10/24 14:03
There are several factors that affect the efficiency of concrete mixing plant:  Equipment status and performance: the equipment of the concrete mixing plant includes mixer, weighing system, conveying equipment, etc. The good status and performance of the equipment are the key factors to ensure the
2023/10/17 13:39
The position of vertical shaft host in concrete mixing plantVertical shaft main machine is an indispensable equipment in concrete mixing plant. It is one of the main production equipments of concrete mixing plant, which is widely used in building engineering, road construction and other related
2023/10/10 15:03
The role of moisture meter in a concrete mixing plant is to measure the moisture content in the concrete mixture. The quality and strength of concrete is closely related to the water-cement ratio, so it is important to control the moisture content in the concrete. Moisture meters help operators
2023/09/26 14:10
The following steps are required to ensure the quality of concrete:Use of high quality raw materials: Selection of appropriate cement, sand, aggregates and additives is essential to ensure the quality of concrete. Ensure that the raw materials meet the appropriate standards and requirements.Control
2023/09/19 13:42
The characteristics of an exported concrete mixing plant can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but here are some common features:High productivity: Exported concrete mixing plants are designed to have high production capacities, allowing for large volumes of concrete to be
2023/09/12 11:46
When choosing an asphalt mixing plant, customers need to consider the following aspects:Quality and performance: customers should choose the asphalt mixing plant with better quality and performance. The quality and performance can be assessed by understanding the production process of the mixing
2023/09/05 08:13
  Generally speaking, concrete mixing plant is divided into two categories: fixed mixing plant and mobile mixing plant, which is also the first classification that many manufacturers distinguish in production. Most of the fixed mixing plant adopts modular and easy-to-put-together   design, which is
2023/08/31 15:05
Concrete Batching Plant LaboratoryA concrete batching plant laboratory is a specialised laboratory used for quality testing and performance evaluation of concrete samples. The following are the common equipment and functions of a concrete batching plant laboratory:Material testing equipment:
2023/08/22 09:26
Split cement silo is a common equipment used for storing cement and powdery materials. The following are the general steps for the correct installation of split cement silo:Site selection: choose a flat, solid site as the foundation for cement silo installation.Site preparation: choose a flat and
2023/08/15 15:13