How to deal with rust in concrete mixing plant?

2023/11/07 14:37

Concrete mixing plant rust situation to how to deal with it

  For machinery, especially like outdoor work machinery, coupled with the working environment, will inevitably avoid the rust problem, such as concrete mixing plant. I continue to introduce to you here about the concrete mixing plant appears rust when dealing with the relevant introduction, I hope to provide you with some reference!

Concrete mixing plant rust causes are shown below:

  First of all, the concrete mixing plant because of its own steel structure, coupled with the nature of its work to produce concrete is also corrosive.

  Secondly, the concrete mixing plant every day in the outdoor wind and rain, if you do not pay attention to the problem of concrete mixing plant corrosion, in the use of a period of time there will be rust corrosion, not in advance to avoid the problem of mixing plant rust corrosion will bring many serious consequences, such as tank rust peeling shell thinning, the weight of its bearing materials to reduce the weight of the peripheral environment of the person in jeopardy, AN full; also cause the quality of concrete Not up to standard; the efficiency of the whole station is reduced and so on.

Therefore, when faced with the problem of rusty concrete mixing plant, we must take reasonable methods to deal with the problem of rusty concrete mixing plant.

  First, before the construction should be weld slag, burrs, rust, oil and other clean, especially the cement tank.

  Second, the surface of the steel frame of the concrete mixing plant can be treated by throwing rust removal, hand and power tool rust removal.

  Third, it should be done that the steel surface should be free of visible grease and dirt, and there is no poorly adhered oxide skin, rust and paint layer the surface should reveal the original appearance of the metal, no re-rusting and so on.

Fourth, the surface of the mixing plant has been dealt with, shall not be contaminated again, when subjected to secondary contamination, the surface treatment should be carried out again, after treatment of tanks grass-roots level, should be brushed in a timely manner the bottom layer, the question of the time should not be more than five hours, the requirements of the brush spraying uniformity and no omissions. At present, epoxy resin is a more economical anti-corrosion materials on the market.