Classification of Concrete Mixing Plant      Generally speaking, concrete mixing plants are divided into two categories: fixed mixing plants and mobile mixing plants, which are also the first categories that many manufacturers distinguish in their production. Most of the fixed mixing plants are
2022/12/22 09:58
What are the characteristics and performance of the commercial concrete mixing plant?  1. Excellent environmental protection performance All powder materials, from loading, batching, measuring, adding to mixing and discharging are carried out in an airtight condition. The dust discharge pipes of
2022/12/12 09:18
This portable concrete/mortar mixer is equipped with wheels and traction tongue, so it can be pulled by motor vehicles and moved around the construction site by hand, and its rotation is powered by mains power. Xxx Allow concrete/mortar to be dumped into the wheelbarrow. An outdated model of a
2022/12/07 10:05
  1. Compact structure and high production efficiency: modular structure design, the whole station covers an area of small, and can be placed flexibly according to the actual situation on site, multi-directional discharge, optimized design of each component has the same efficiency as the belt
2022/12/05 08:49
   The history of Concrete    The archaeologists found that 5000 years ago the Lingjiatan ancestors were not only able to make fine jade and stone tools, but also started rice farming, raising or hunting pigs, deer, birds and other animals to enrich their diet. In addition, they already knew how to
2022/11/21 10:35
What are the characteristic properties of commercial concrete mixing plants?1. Excellent environmental protection performance All powder materials, from loading, batching, measuring, filling to mixing and discharging are carried out in an airtight condition.  The dust discharge pipes of the mixer
2022/11/14 09:27
 Common faults of concrete mixing plant and how to deal with them  Concrete mixing plant in the process of use, due to the aging of parts, wear and tear and environmental impact, there are often 6 errors, so deal with concrete mixing plant failure methods? How to solve common failures?  1. Cement
2022/11/07 10:25
  With the development of municipal construction, concrete mixing plant has great advantages to realize the combined operation of mixing, transportation and pouring machinery. There are many kinds of concrete mixing plant equipment in the market now, the main difference is the feeding method and
2022/11/01 09:58
Hopper elevators can be divided into three types according to different structures.   ① Tipping elevator: When the hopper rises to its destination, the front pair of wheels enter the lower track, and the rear pair of wheels continue to rise along the upper track, so that the hopper tilts over and
2022/10/31 11:24
The complete metal shape of the mixing station is on the whole fabricated from amazing h-beam, which has high power and balance. stylish look, easy and quick set up.The stirring host adopts spiral double horizontal axis forced stirring host, which has strong stirring performance, uniform and rapid
2022/10/31 10:58
Dry mortar sets  Dry-mixed mortar is developed from the European construction market in the nineteen fifties, and has been commonly used in European countries for more than 40 years, and has been used for exterior wall insulation projects in Europe for 35 years. Because of the outstanding
2022/10/17 09:12
1. Bolted cement silo is a new type of cement silo which can be used after modularized production and processing and transported to the site and assembled and connected with bolts.2. The silos are all standard modularized, with short production cycle, which can ensure fast delivery.3. Reliable
2022/10/11 09:17