Split cement silo

2023/08/15 15:13

Split cement silo is a common equipment used for storing cement and powdery materials. The following are the general steps for the correct installation of split cement silo:

Site selection: choose a flat, solid site as the foundation for cement silo installation.

Site preparation: choose a flat and solid site for cement silo installation, make sure it has enough load-bearing capacity and is equipped with drainage function. Clear the site of debris and obstacles to ensure that the installation space is sufficient.

Assemble the cement silo: assemble the main parts and accessories of the cement silo according to the installation drawings and instructions. Ensure that the connection of each part is firm and reliable, and meets the design requirements.

Installation of foundation: build a suitable foundation according to the specifications and design requirements of the cement silo. The design and construction of the foundation should comply with the specifications to ensure the stability and safety of the cement silo.

Installation of support frame: build the support frame according to the design requirements of the cement silo. The supporting frame should be solid and reliable, and be able to withstand the weight and pressure of the cement silo.

Positioning and fixing: Move the assembled cement silo to the foundation, make sure its position is accurate and vertical. Use bolts or tie rods to fix the cement silo so that it is stably fixed on the foundation.

Connecting pipeline: Connect the cement silo with the conveying pipeline of the mixing plant according to the requirements of the concrete mixing plant. Make sure the connection is sealed to prevent material leakage.

Inspection and commissioning: after the installation is completed, carry out a comprehensive inspection and test of the cement silo. Check whether the connection is firm, whether the pipeline is smooth, and whether the transmission system and electrical system are normal. And carry out debugging work to ensure that the cement silo can work normally.

During the installation of the cement silo, it should be operated in strict accordance with the design requirements and installation instructions to ensure the quality and safety of the installation. If you encounter complex or difficult installation work, it is recommended to consult professionals or manufacturers for guidance.