How to solve the problem of reversing valve of concrete mixer?       The reversing valve does not change direction in time or the reversing initiative is slow, usually due to poor smoothness, stuck or damaged spring, oil or impurities stuck in the local sliding and other reasons. In this regard, it
2022/05/23 10:00
The double-screw blade shaft design of the double-shaft mixer makes full use of the cylinder space, and the mixing energy of the blades is released more completely, and the material moves more fully. Therefore, compared with the single-shaft mixer, the double-shaft mixer has shorter mixing time,
2022/05/20 09:44
It is typically utilized in bulk cement garage, wherein bulk cement silo is a closed tank for storing bulk materials. it's far normally used for storing numerous bulk materials including grain, cement, fly ash, and so on. a cloth level system is set up on the tank, which could immediately show the
2022/05/20 08:50
What do you need to pay attention to when digging the foundation of the concrete mixing plant?  The construction of a concrete mixing plant starts with planning the site, running the formalities, and when ordering equipment from colleagues, you have to start paying attention to the foundation
2022/05/16 10:33
How to reduce the failure of pump oil line in concrete mixing plant  In many commercial concrete mixing plants, the motors of many equipments are driven by the pump to work. So for the pump oil route of concrete mixing plant, it is also more prone to failure. So, when it fails, if it is timely to
2022/05/09 14:23
What are the benefits of setting standby bin in concrete mixing plant production line?  Nowadays, most of the concrete mixing plant production lines are set up with waiting bins, so what are the benefits of setting up waiting bins in concrete mixing plant production lines? Let's take a look.Protect
2022/05/07 09:16
                                                 PL Series Concrete Batching Machine Introduction      PL series concrete batching machine is a kind of front automatic batching equipment which is used with mixer. It can automatically complete the batching procedure of sand, stone, cement and other
2022/04/25 14:29
What is the role of pneumatic control system in 90 concrete mixing plant?  HLS90 concrete mixing plant can do both engineering and commercial mixing plant, the application is very wide, its composition system is also more, including mixing system, batching system, conveying system, gas control
2022/04/18 09:37
1 Maintain the cleanliness of the body, and remove dirt and obstacles from the body.2 Check the oil, circuit and control equipment in each lubrication place, and add lubricating oil as required.3.Before each shift, add water to the mixing drum and idle for 1-2min, and check the reliability of the
2022/04/16 17:30
Concrete blending station is a building fabric production equipment composed of five fundamental systems: blending host, cloth weighing system, cloth conveying device, cloth garage system, control machine and different ancillary centers. the principle principle of its paintings is to apply cement
2022/04/16 17:21
Summary of Concrete Mixing Plant Upgrade   In recent years, there are more concrete mixing plants that have been updated and upgraded. This article mainly focuses on the upgrading and transformation of concrete mixing plants, which are not necessarily upgraded, but often accompanied by the
2022/04/12 15:32
How to clean concrete mixer residual concrete Simple and practical  This method is applicable to all concrete mixers!  Concrete mixers will have residues every time they are discharged, and if they are not cleaned up for a long time, they are easy to be bonded, especially the mixing shaft and
2022/04/05 09:23