The hazards of concrete mixer holding shaft

2023/11/07 11:03

The hazards of concrete mixer holding shaft

1. Affect the quality of concrete, the mixer holding the shaft after hitting the concrete mixing is not uniform.

2. Increase the load of the concrete mixer, energy consumption increases.

3. Affect the wear parts, shaft seal life, accelerate the wear of wear parts, hold the shaft after the mixer arm wear is very serious, the service life is greatly shortened.




Methods to prevent the mixer from holding the shaft

1. Adjust the feeding order and time, aggregate, powder pre-mixed into the host (but the aggregate must be part of the first under), so that the powder to a certain extent attached to the aggregate, to reduce the powder into the host attached to the mixing shaft and the arm of the possibility and can improve mixing efficiency.

2. The centre line of the water pipe of the main machine cover is required to be in the same vertical plane with the centre line of the mixing shaft, and ensure that there is a direct spray nozzle above the angle between the mixing arm and the mixing shaft. Because the angle of the mixing arm and shaft is the easiest place for adhesives to adhere to, and generally appear to hold the shaft from the root of the mixing arm. At the same time, it is required to add water throughout the time.

3. Equipment operators should clean and rinse the tank in time after mixing and discharging to ensure that the adhering concrete is removed. Equipment operators should regularly check the metering system in the metering bucket connection and close the sealing situation, pay attention to whether the leakage, such as timely elimination.

Concrete mixing is a very complex process, "holding the shaft" phenomenon is also a variety of reasons, equipment operators should pay attention to the standardised use of equipment and reasonable maintenance, to ensure that the equipment can be safe and reliable operation, while improving the service life of the equipment.

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