How to Deal with Rust in Concrete Mixing Plant

2021/12/21 16:58

How to deal with rust in concrete mixing plant?

How to Deal with Rust in Concrete Mixing Plant

For machinery, especially machinery working outdoors, plus the working environment, it is inevitable to avoid the problem of rust, for example, concrete mixing plant. Here I continue to introduce to you about the concrete mixing plant rust related treatment, I hope to provide you with some reference!

Concrete mixing plant rust causes are as follows:

First of all, the concrete mixing plant is corrosive because of its steel structure, plus the nature of its work to produce concrete.

Secondly, the concrete mixing plant every day in the outdoor wind and rain, if you do not pay attention to the problem of concrete mixing plant corrosion, in the use of a period of time will appear rust is corroded, not in advance to avoid the mixing plant rust is corroded will bring many serious consequences, such as the tank rusted skin shell thinning, the weight of the material to bear the lower, endangering the personal environment around the AN full; will also cause the quality of concrete It will also cause the quality of concrete to be substandard; the efficiency of the whole station will be reduced and so on.

Therefore, when faced with the problem of easy rusting of concrete mixing plant, we must take reasonable methods to deal with the problem of rusting of concrete mixing plant.

First, the welding slag, burrs, rust, oil and so on should be cleaned up before construction, especially the cement tank.

Second, the surface of the steel frame of the concrete mixing plant can be treated by spraying or throwing rust removal, hand and power tools to remove rust.

Third, the steel surface should be free of visible grease and dirt, and there is no poorly attached oxide, rust and paint coating the surface should reveal the original metal appearance, no re-rusting, etc.

Fourth, the surface of the mixing station has been treated, shall not be polluted again, when the secondary pollution, should be surface treatment again, after processing the storage tank grass-roots level, should be promptly painted primer, ask the interval should not exceed five hours, the requirements of painting spraying uniformity without omission. At present, epoxy resin is the more economical anti-corrosion material in the market.